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During the 2020 Virtual Peace Walk, we requested donations for the following groups working for immigration justice/accompaniment and medical workers’ PPE support in this time of crisis: 

New Sanctuary Movement of Philadelphia

New Sanctuary Movement of Philadelphia is an interfaith, multicultural immigrant justice movement organizing communities to end injustices against immigrants regardless of immigration status, express radical welcome for all, and ensure that values of dignity, justice, and hospitality are lived out in practice and upheld in policy.  The group’s Vision is to “work together to bend the arc of the moral universe toward justice and transform our communities into a place where immigrants, families, friends, and neighbors are safe, respected, and welcomed; where economic, spiritual, and emotional wholeness are realized; and where borders and divisions disappear as we build a community welcoming to everyone.”  


Comprised of even numbers of immigrant and allied citizen faith communities, NSM’s 30 local member congregations form the backbone of NSM’s interfaith immigrant justice movement, participating in trainings, workshops, campaigns, events and accompany families during deportation.

SoCal Makers Materials and Distribution of PPE for COVID-19 Fund

SoCal Makers Materials and Distribution of PPE for COVID-19 Fund

This fund is to support the mass production of reusable face masks and plastic face shields for healthcare workers, which the Peace Walk will direct to medical facilities in the Philadelphia area for donations raised here.  Eric Gever, an aerospace engineer by day and 3D printer / laser cutter and FIRST Robotics mentor by night, founded the group after the outbreak COVID-19, and he is in constant contact contact with hospitals to determine their greatest, and changing, needs.  “In addition to using my own printers,” Eric notes, “  have organized groups of colleagues, robotics students and local makers interested in making a difference and helping to produce these face shields.  I have been directing a dozen printers and growing for this effort in order to increase the PPE production to the greatest extent possible.”  Donations are 100% used for to support this effort.

Please click on the “DONATE” button to make a tax-deductible donation for New Sanctuary Movement, the SoCal Makers fund and the the Interfaith Peace Walk.  


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"In the midst of these difficult times, Interfaith Philadelphia is doing what it does best, building relationships and connections across even the most challenging barriers. That's why we are compiling a COVID-19 Pandemic Interfaith Resource Guide of the virtual worship services, classes, reflections, best practices, workshops, counseling opportunities, etc. that religious leaders and communities throughout the region are offering in the coming weeks and months."

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