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In Memoriam to Four Beloved Leaders of the Philadelphia Interfaith Peace Walk

We acknowledge and honor with deep gratitude the rare gifts of four of our beloved organizers of the Philadelphia Interfaith Peace Walk who have died in recent months:  Frank Toia, Aisha El-Mekki, Edd Conboy, and Pecki Witonsky

Frank Toia (died June 2019)

Frank Toia.png

As a member of the Peace Walk Planning Team for 17 years, Frank Toia inspired us all as he so generously shared his spiritual wisdom, his immense leadership skills, along with his videography and other technical skills. We honor his strength of will as he remained an active, creative part of the Peace Walk community through his physical struggles — and after he, as he humorously said, “flunked hospice several times."

Click Here to watch one of Frank’s short video collages of the peace walk

Aisha El-Mekki (died September 2020)

Aisha El-Mekki.png

An active member of our Peace Walk Planning Team for some 6 years,  Aisha El-Mekki with poise, a gentle sense of humor and great insight, provided thoughtful reflections and leadership at many of our monthly meetings, also helping to deepen the peace walk community's engagement with diverse Muslim congregations.  She is pictured with two of her grandchildren.

2004 1.jpg

Edd Conboy (died March 2020):

Edd Conboy.png

As one of the original leaders of the Peace Walk and with his many years of organizational experience, Edd participated in our early, formative years as an interfaith group, often providing expert consultation in his humble, caring manner.  He also shared his special photographic talents as reflected in this iconic photo of the very first Peace Walk in 2004.

Pecki Witonsky (died December 2019)


Offering her home and her heart as one of the early leaders of the Peace Walk, Pecki is perhaps best remembered for leading the universal prayer for peace during a number of the Peace Walks. She loved nature and children, and authored many books for them (as well as adults), including;


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