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A Young Person's Perspective on the Peace Walk

Author: Rachel Steinig

Date: Saturday, February 20, 2016

Everyone is pure, unique, loving, and important. We don't always act that way, but we all are loving and beautiful people inside. No one is born a racist. No one is born a homophobe. No one is born a terrorist. Yet, this kind of behavior is all too frequent in the world.  You always hear these stories about little kids who don't see any difference between people of different races or cultures or religions. They’re happy to play with all kinds of kids. But sadly, as they grow up, they are taught to fear those who are different. They are taught to stereotype. They are taught to be indifferent. They are taught to hate. They are taught to kill.

We need a revolution. We need children to be exposed to those who are different from them. We need to teach them how to embrace what makes them unique and special. We need to teach them cooperation. We need to teach them love. We need to educate our young in the art of kindness, not in the art of war. And that's why the theme of this year’s Peace Walk is so special - Emerging Leaders’ Voices for Peace and Justice. This year we focus on the children. We focus on teaching love to the leaders of tomorrow. We focus on children speaking up for what they believe in - for a better world, for equality, for interfaith peace and cooperation, for education, for climate change, for love, and for so much more. We as a society often forget to listen to the children. Children have some really important things to say. They have hopes and dreams, fears and ideas, and can think of ways to make the world a better place. So, this year, this Peace Walk, let them teach us. Let them show us the fundamental truths that only children can see. And, let us teach them as well. Teach them about love and cooperation. Teach them about embracing our differences. This year, let's teach each other. Let us come together and talk about peace. Let us talk about love. Let us come together as one.

Every day we are given a new beginning. Every morning the sun rises, and we are given another glorious day. Let this Peace Walk be a new beginning. A new beginning for us as individuals, for us as a community, and for us as a world. Let it be a new day. Let it be a glorious sunrise that fills the world with light and beauty. Let us all come together, all people of different races, religions, ages, and beliefs. Together we can overcome any obstacles. Together we can learn to love and let go. And together, we can change the world.

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