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"Humanity at its best" – from Yashpal Bains:


Farmers in India are going through an upheaval in farming along with COVID challenge. Gov't of India (Fed Gov't in Delhi) have passed 3 bills which are going to extremely hurt, almost strangle the small farmer, that is what majority of the farmers are. Much worse than USA small farmer which get no help from Feds and big corp. farming gets billions of dollars in Fed subsidy!

Almost, 90,000 farmers on tractors have ascended on Indian capital of New Delhi along with 1.2 million people who walked with them 150 miles from Punjab and other States. On their way and at the New Delhi border they were tried to stop by State Police who used teargas, water cannon and other oppressing means but they could not stop the caravan of 1.2 million people.

Then something very unique & shocking happened. People from the caravan who included many different religious denominations, fed the Hungary OPPRESSORS the State Police (clad in Khakhi) with food / Langar led by Sikh in the 550 years old tradition of Langar. I think we all should be very proud of this human happening / event.

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