I sat down. I felt the moss squish under my butt and watched my heels sink into the damp soil. The dappled sunlight was creating dancing patterns on the cool grass. I looked up. The trees were tall. So tall. Their branches seemed to reach to the heavens. I stood up from my comfortable seat and walked around. I was situated on a grassy knoll on the top of a rock outcropping. There were some trees on the knoll, but the ground was mostly coated with luscious green moss and soft, dewy green grass.... + read more
What I originally thought was a disaster in the last minute having to take over a friend’s registration to the Parliament of the World’s Religions turned in to a great opportunity to attend this auspicious event and meet Benish Shami, a young muslimah committed to partnering with my Christian friends to help the poorest of the poor around Islamabad. The Parliament in Salt Lake City was so large - over 10,000 came from 80 countries and representing 50 faith traditions - even days... + read more
Interfaith Peace Walk for Jewish-Muslim Reconciliation Philadelphia, PA  May 2, 2004  By Adab Ibrahim, Palestinian-American Muslims, Jews, Christians, and Buddhists were part of the 500+ who walked 3 miles in the heart of Philadelphia to promote peace and reconciliation between people of all faiths. The Interfaith Peace Walk for Jewish Muslim Reconciliation begins at Al-Aqsa Islamic Society; a mainstream, Arab-American community, in North Central Philadelphia.... + read more


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