For 13 years we’ve been having these now. The Interfaith Walk for Peace and Reconciliation. Growing out of the example of an Albuquerque, New Mexico Rabbi and Imam whose congregations’ walked the 6 miles from their mosque to their synagogue in a show of post 9-11 fraternity, we tried something similar. We added a Christian church and in 2004 we were off to our first peace walk. Over the years we’ve been to many Philadelphia West and... + read more
Peace Drums Steel Band Comes to Philadelphia There were about 20 of them. Muslim, Jewish and Christian middle school kids from the Galilee region of Israel. They call themselves the Peace Drums Steel Band and their mission is to promote reconciliation and peace among its members and among Jews and Palestinians.  The dream/idea came from a group of clergy from the state of Delaware who, in 2011 had met to exchange views regarding the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. So happens that the... + read more
Everyone is pure, unique, loving, and important. We don't always act that way, but we all are loving and beautiful people inside. No one is born a racist. No one is born a homophobe. No one is born a terrorist. Yet, this kind of behavior is all too frequent in the world.  You always hear these stories about little kids who don't see any difference between people of different races or cultures or religions. They’re happy to play with all kinds of kids. But sadly, as... + read more
There didn’t seem to be any press around for this one. No TV vans outside, no one being interviewed…I guess we’ve seen enough of Mayor Kenney this week. So the January 6 Interfaith Inaugural Prayer Gathering presented by the Religious Leaders Council of Philadelphia went on without a lot of fanfare. Mayor Kenney appeared to know his audience and his message was one of mercy and redemption – reducing our prison population and opening our arms to the refugees were the two... + read more
The Pig Head This all started with a severed pig’s head that was thrown at Al-Aqsa Islamic Society one recent Sunday night. Surveillance footage shows someone driving a red pick up truck while another threw a barbequed pig head out the window. The pig’s head rolled two times before it hit the mosque wall. It could have landed on its side or with the severed neck side up, but this pig’s head landed in such a way that it stared right back at Germantown Avenue. It was cooked... + read more


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