2019 Peace Walk

16th Annual Philadelphia Interfaith Walk for Peace and Reconciliation

Sunday Afternoon, April 28, 2019

The 16th annual Philadelphia Interfaith Walk for Peace and Reconciliation is scheduled for Sunday  afternoon, April 28, 2019 in Center City.  The theme for this year’s walk is  "Seeking the Light in All.”

2019 Philadelphia Interfaith Walk for Peace and Reconciliation flyers to be freely downloaded, printed and distributed (preview image above):

Flyer full size color


PARKING OPTIONS FOR 2019 WALK (full program below):


AT AL AQSA (1501 Germantown Ave. / 3rd and Jefferson):

Walkers may wish to park in the Al Aqsa Islamic Society's large parking lot (adjacent to the mosque), if you’re attending the pre-Walk gathering there.  Buses will be available starting at 1:20 p.m  to transport these drivers / peace walkers to Society Hill Synagogue. At the end of the walk at around 5:45 or so (after the communal meal at The Friends Center),  these drivers will be able to ride on the same Peace Walk buses back to Al Aqsa to retrieve their parked cars.



If you are driving directly to Society Hill Synagogue, you can park on the north side of Spruce Street between 4th and 8th Streets.  Ushers outside of the synagogue will give you a signto put under your windshield upon your dashboard which permits you to park in those spaces for free.  

There are two additional parking lots which are commercial and are located between 3rd and 5th Streets on Bainbridge Street.  These two lots (not free ! ) are within easy walking distance of the synagogue. 


AT FRIENDS CENTER (15th and Cherry)

Limited parking is available around the Friends Center—specifically on the block of 15th next to the Center, on Race Street (behind Friends Center), and along 16th and Cherry Streets.  Pick up a sign from ushers at Friends Center to place under your windshield on your dashboard, which then permits you to park in these areas for free.




(Program can also be downloaded as .pdf from this link: https://bit.ly/2KPHuex)


Al Aqsa Mosque – 1501 Germantown Avenue (3rd & Jefferson Sts.) (19122)
Optional pre-gathering:

12:30 pm

Gathering in the area outside Al Aqsa Islamic Society

12:35 pm

Welcome to all assembled peace walkers and invitation to participate in the Dhrur prayers by Adab Ibrahim and Imam Muhammad Shehata, Al Aqsa Islamic Society

12:40 pm

Walkers enter the respective Women’s and Men’s mosque areas or board bus

12:58 pm

Call to prayer / Dhuhr prayers

1:15 pm

People in prayer leave mosque and board buses

1:20 pm

Buses depart for Society Hill Synagogue (first departure when first bus is filled)


Society Hill Synagogue – 418 Spruce Street (19106)  

1:45 pm

Enter the synagogue to music by Hazzan Jessi Roemer, Society Hill Synagogue

2:00 pm

Welcome by Rabbi Avi Winokur, Society Hill Synagogue

2:03 pm

Poetry Reading by Genis Dixon and Miriam Shehata, ArtWell

2:08 pm

Recitation from the Qu’ran by Imam Muhammed Shehata, Al Aqsa Islamic Society, translated by Abdullah Ibrahim

2:14 pm

Logistics of the Interfaith Peace Walk by Patricia Coyne, Philadelphia Commission on Human Relations

2:17 pm

Music by Hazzan Jesse Roemer and band, Society Hill Synagogue

2:28 pm

Leave synagogue (to continued music)

2:38 pm



Arch Street United Methodist Church – 55 N. Broad Street (19107)

3:25 pm

Enter the church to music by the Arch Street United Methodist Church choir

3:35 pm

Welcome by Rev. Robin Hynicka and Deaconess Darlene Di Dominick, Arch Street United Methodist Church

3:39 pm

Intention of the Peace Walk and offering request by Renate Woessner, Interfaith Peace Walk, and
Rabbi Shawn Zevit, Mishkan Shalom

3:42 pm

Singing of This Little Light of Mine and You are Not Forgotten by all assembled, led by the Grace Café Worship Team

3:52 pm

Leave church to music by the Arch Street United Methodist Choir

4:02 pm



Central Philadelphia Monthly Meeting, Friends Center – 1501 Cherry Street (19102) (Race Street entrance)

4:12 pm

Enter the Friends Center

4:20 pm

Welcome by Dana Reinhold, Clerk of the Central Philadelphia Monthly Meeting

4:23 pm

Oneness reflection / Introduction to Silence by Grace Gonglewski and O, members

4:27 pm


4:39 pm

Music / prayer from the Sikh tradition by Philadelphia Sikh Society youth group, introduced by
Yashpal Bains

4:47 pm

Call to prayer by Adam Adnan, Al Aqsa Islamic Society

4:49 pm

Asr prayers (Peace Walkers are invited to participate / optional) or remain in silence

4:59 pm

Closing remarks and invitation to food and fellowship by Pam Yaller and Yashpal Bains, Interfaith Peace Walk

5:02 pm

Food and Fellowship

5:45 pm

Buses start return runs to Al Aqsa Islamic Center

Welcome and General Instructions

We welcome everyone to this Interfaith Walk for Peace and Reconciliation.  Please see the following general instructions:

  1. This Walk is a spiritual event.  Please respectfully enter and leave each house of prayer in communal singing or silence (we will use an extended hand "V" signal to request group silence, as appropriate).  Please also refrain from displaying any political signs.
  2. We suggest wearing white, at least white tops, as a sign of unity.
  3. People with colored armbands will be present as guides and ushers and available to answer any questions about Walk logistics.
  4. Please proceed to each location as a single group.
  5. Rest rooms will be available at each location.
  6. A bus will be available to transport anyone needing assistance, and medics will be available to treat anyone needing attention during the Walk.  Contact a guide or usher if required.
  7. The times listed below are estimates and may vary based upon the conditions of the day.
  8. If you are interested in follow-up activities, please sign the participants' sheets available from the guides/ ushers during the Walk -- or contact us at interfaithpeacewalk@gmail.com.  


Interfaith Peace Walk

MISSION:   To facilitate peace, justice and reconciliation by engaging faith groups and other communities in dialogue, reflection, action and an annual Interfaith Peace Walk.

VISION:   To nurture a transformative process of reflection, relationship-building and action among faith
and secular groups working toward peace and justice through periodic dialogues about challenging issues; community service; outreach to religious and ethnic groups experiencing intolerance or persecution; and an annual Peace Walk.


Protocol at Al Aqsa Islamic Center (for optional pre-Walk gathering)

Women’s and men’s prayers will be in separate rooms in the mosque.  To respect the Muslim tradition, please dress modestly, including covering arms and legs.  Women are asked to wear head coverings, which will be available at the mosque for those who need them.


Talking Your Walk:  Questions for Interfaith Conversation

While walking from Society Hill Synagogue to Arch Street United Methodist Church:


  • Introduce yourself to someone you don’t know.
  • Ask the person why s/he decided to come to today’s Interfaith Peace Walk.
  • Share what is the most important thing you want other to know about your faith tradition.


While walking from Arch Street United Methodist Church to The Friends Center:


  • Introduce yourself to someone you don’t know.
  • Ask the person what s/he enjoys doing for fun.
  • Discuss in what ways, if any, your beliefs have changed over the years.



Transport:  Walkers may park in the Al Aqsa Islamic Society parking lot (adjacent to the mosque), if attending the pre-Walk gathering there.  Buses will be available to transport drivers of cars parked at Al Aqsa back to this venue from The Friends Center at the end of the Peace Walk program (starting at approximately 5:45 pm)—during and after the Communal Meal.



A limited number of T-Shirts will be available for $15.00 (cash) at Al Aqsa at the beginning of the walk.  Some will also be available at The Friends Center at the conclusion of the walk.


Please consider making a tax-deductible contribution to help support the work of the Interfaith Peace Walk.   

Checks may be made out to:  Central Baptist Church (memo line: Interfaith Peace Walk) and can be placed in the basket or mailed to: Katy Friggle-Norton, 12 Llandaff Road, Havertown, PA 19083.